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 70 Holy Priest

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PostSubject: 70 Holy Priest   70 Holy Priest Icon_minitimeThu Nov 01 2007, 03:01

Real life info
Internet Connection:24mbit
How are you as person:im pretty cool Smile

Game Info
Char name:knipex
Char level:70
Char Race and Class:Dwarf Priest
Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well):tailoring 370 herbalism 90
Armory Link:Got around 1306 bonus healing when i have spirit buff.
WoW history and Experience:ZG,AQ20,some KZ
Char role in raids:Heal and buff
What can you offer Alpha:Buffs, healing and a helping hand Smile maybe some tailoring.
What do you expect from Alpha:Good raids and some help if needed.
Are you willing to respec for guild:No, i am holy/disci and im not gonna respecc.
Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress:Yes:) But its really annoying when we wipe because of the same thing every time.
Karazhan Attunement:Yes, and Coilfang heroic key.
Other Info:
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PostSubject: Re: 70 Holy Priest   70 Holy Priest Icon_minitimeThu Nov 01 2007, 22:33

Hey there!!

Always nice with new faces...... but the guild Alpha is no longer alive.. Sad but true :S
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70 Holy Priest
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