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 Application Lythis (holy paladin)

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PostSubject: Application Lythis (holy paladin)   Application Lythis (holy paladin) Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07 2007, 20:43

Hi My real name is Tom Erik, i'm 17 of age (not a brat) i live in Skien, Norway, my internet conection has been bad of late, but from monday i hope it's up and running again, i am a pretty active player, playing mostly every day..

As a person i am pretty easy to be with (or so they say) and i get along well with almost everyone, i am helpfull, i was GM assistant in Blades of Light and i am used to helping out lower lvls to help them reach 70.

My char is Lythis, a lvl 70.draenei paladin (holy)
I got mining (375/375) and JC (370/380) as proffesions, and also i got bandage (375/375).

Link to armory:

Been playing wow for ca. 1 year now and have been in an non-raid guild most of the time, but now i'm up for heroics and raids =)

What i can offer to Alpha would be an aditional healer and a friendly person, what i expect of Alpha would be that they include me in instances and raids from time to time, and that they maybe help out if i got a group quest or some other problem i got to solve.

I am willing to respec for guild, though most guilds want holy paladins, but i got some tanking gear as well (crappy gear that is)

I am not attuned to Kara as i was unable to get a group to BM in my former guild, but if you are a bit helpfull i will have it soon enough=)

Think that is about it, hoping i get accepted=)[url][url]
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Application Lythis (holy paladin) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application Lythis (holy paladin)   Application Lythis (holy paladin) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 08 2007, 15:44

Good luck with your app!

Application Lythis (holy paladin) 551837hKogh
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Application Lythis (holy paladin)
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