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 Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin)

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Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin) Empty
PostSubject: Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin)   Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20 2007, 13:36

Real life info
Name: Derek
Age: 24
Location: North-west London (England)
Internet Connection: 2mbit/s Tiscali broadband connection

How are you as person: I am definately an outgoing and friendly person , always lookin to have fun conversations with people in game. Im more of an Optimist than a pesimist who trys to see the good in every situation and I encourage others to suceed in RL and in game.

Game Info
Char name: Valorion
Char level: lvl 70
Char Race and Class: Dranei Paladin

Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well):
Blacksmithing (246), Mining (140)....

Armory Link:

WoW history and Experience:
Started playing WoW in January when TBC was released, and to be honest I feel i know my class more than alot of people. I have raided Karazhan (Still not a full run yet) and Gruuls lair (Only Maulgar Downed).

Char role in raids: I am a healer, and sworn protector of my fellow raid members, using skills such as Blessing of Protection to take others away from physical harm.

What can you offer Alpha: I can offer my skill as a holy paladin, and my sense of optimism to keep the guild feeling positive all the time. I will participate in raids whenever im needed, and get involved with runs whever it be for Rep or Gear.

What do you expect from Alpha: I expect Alpha to be a guild with friendly players who know how to have a good laugh in guildchat Smile but also know the time to be deadly in Raids. I expect Alpha to be a guild full of players that are willing to help others also.

Are you willing to respec for guild: Sure.

Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: Yes, in the hope that we all learn from mistakes made and then continue onto succeeding Smile

Karazhan Attunement: Yes i have the Masters Key

Other Info: Im impressed with your progress in karazhan Smile
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Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin)   Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin) Icon_minitimeMon Aug 20 2007, 15:43

welcome to the bord we will give you replay as soon as posibel
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Application: Valorion (Holy Paladin)
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