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 Shadow priest *ACCEPTED*

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Shadow priest *ACCEPTED* Empty
PostSubject: Shadow priest *ACCEPTED*   Shadow priest *ACCEPTED* Icon_minitimeMon Sep 10 2007, 20:22

-= Real life info =-
Name: Raimondas
Age: 27
Location: Lithuania, Vilnius
Internet Connection: 1mbit/s broadband connection

-= Game Info =-
Char name: Shadowrider
Char level: lvl 70
Char Race and Class: Human priest

Char Professions and levels:
Shadow tailoring 375, Enchating 374

WoW history and Experience:
Started to play wow 2 years ago. Mostly i played on private server then got orig wow + tbc and moved to legal server. On legal server i play from 2007-03

Char role in raids: i am shadow priest.

What can you offer Alpha: i can offer everything what shadow priest can give. Any help, if i can allow it for myself.

What do you expect from Alpha: I expect Alpha to be a friendly guild. I expect Alpha to be a guild full of players that are willing to help others also.

Are you willing to respec for guild: No.

Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: Yes, if peeps will learn from this wipe.

What keys i have?
Masters key - yes. (To do Karazhan instance)
Auchenai key - yes. (To do heroic Auchenai instances)
Shadow labyrinth key - yes.
Arcatraz key - yes.
Shattered hall key - yes.
Warpforged key - key. (To do heroic Tempest keep instances)
Key of time - yes. (To do heroic cavern of time instances)
Flamewrought key - yes. (To do hellfire citadel instances)
Reservoir key - yes. (To do heroic coilfang reservoir instances)

What reputation i have?
Cenarion expedition - revered.
Honor hold - revered.
Kurenai - exalted.
Ogri'la - neutral.
Sporeggar - honored.
The consortium - revered.
Lower city - exalted.
Sha'tari - skyguard - exalted.
The scryers - exalted.
The Sha'tar - exalted.
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Shadow priest *ACCEPTED* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow priest *ACCEPTED*   Shadow priest *ACCEPTED* Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11 2007, 19:46

hey shadow Razz really nice to have u in the guild. Good luck!(on raids and becoming a member ^^).
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Shadow priest *ACCEPTED*
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