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 ,, warlock *REJECTED*

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PostSubject: ,, warlock *REJECTED*   Tue Sep 11 2007, 15:00

Name: alberto
Age: 23
Location: milano italy
Internet Connection: 20 mb 24/24 stable
How are you as person:
a monster in fact I close myself in house to play to wow LOL

Game Info
Char name: novaera
Char level:70
Char Race and Class: human affliction 40-0-21
Char Professions and levels: erbalaism and skinning 375
Armory Link:
WoW history and Experience:have experience in ZG, karazhan and heroic istance

Char role in raids:Lots of dots, dps and banish/fear when required. Also providing the raid with Healthstones, Soulstones and various fo raid utilities

What can you offer Alpha:my experience and the much time that I dedicate to this game
What do you expect from Alpha: I would want to participate to many raid
Are you willing to respec for guild: yes alwais
Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: yes
Karazhan Attunement: yes
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PostSubject: Re: ,, warlock *REJECTED*   Tue Sep 11 2007, 15:07

Good luck with your app Nova!

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PostSubject: link   Wed Sep 12 2007, 02:56

i have +740 spell damage
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PostSubject: :-(   Wed Sep 12 2007, 20:22

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PostSubject: Re: ,, warlock *REJECTED*   Thu Sep 13 2007, 02:34

We feel that your english skills are inadequate for our needs. Sorry.

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PostSubject: Re: ,, warlock *REJECTED*   

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,, warlock *REJECTED*
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