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 Warlock Application

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PostSubject: Warlock Application   Thu Sep 06 2007, 22:15

Real life info
Name: Alastair
Age: 18
Location: Aberdeen / Edinburgh (University)
Internet Connection: Stable, some lag but i deal with this using the Quartz addon and /stopcast macros
How are you as person: I would say that although i can be a bit shy initially, I am a likeable, caring guy with a dry wit. I am pretty easy-going and optimistic so I rarely let situations get to me.

Game Info
Char name: Muerta
Char level: 70
Char Race and Class: Human (Affliction) Warlock

Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well):
Tailoring - 375 Skinning - 375 First Aid - 375

Armory Link: Can't seem to get the link to work, but if you go to:

(what a struggle that was :p) you should see my profile. It may say I'm still in Heretic but I can assure you that I have left Wink

WoW history and Experience: Pre-TBC have experience in ZG and AQ20 on my Priest and Shaman (both horde)
In TBC i have raided Karazhan up (and including) Prince, with some attempts on Nightbane and Netherspite.
As to my previous guilds on this character, I was in Exodus briefly before some members decided to form a splinter guild called Heretic due to issues with the GM of Exodus. I left Heretic today (6/9) after I returned from holiday to discover that almost all my friends and people I knew from the guild had left. I stayed on for a few more days, but things just weren't the same so I applied here after it was recommended to me by some people I knew from Heretic.

Char role in raids: Lots of dots, dps and CC (banish/fear) when required. Also providing the raid with Healthstones, Soulstones and various fo raid utilities.

What can you offer Alpha: I am a fast-learning player who understands their class and is able to concentrate for long periods of time.

What do you expect from Alpha: To provide and arena in which I can help the guild to progress through the endgame PvE content, while also, of course enjoying the challenges it poses with friends.

Are you willing to respec for guild: I am always willing to try something new, although respeccing to full Destro would require some changes to my gear (replacing +shadow dmg gear with +dmg/healing or +fire dmg)

Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: We learn by our mistakes, so of course wipes are a necessary part of the learning process when confronting new challenges.

Karazhan Attunement: Attuned.

Other Info: I start my 2nd year at university next week (go down on Wednesday) so there might be a few days of slight inactivity while I get settled in to my new flat. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application   Thu Sep 06 2007, 22:18

Mu is a first class lock. Can't recommend him enough!!
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PostSubject: WTB Mu   Thu Sep 06 2007, 22:29

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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application   Fri Sep 07 2007, 03:03

ill say that

one of the best lock ive played with
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PostSubject: Re: Warlock Application   

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Warlock Application
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