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 Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED*

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Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED* Empty
PostSubject: Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED*   Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED* Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01 2007, 16:47

Real life info
Name: Ivan
Age: 18
Location: Serbia (Pancevo)
Internet Connection: latency in game is 60-120ms
How are you as person: nice and friendly (you need to ask others for this q., everyone will say only the best for him/herself)

Game Info
Char name: Magictouch
Char level: 70
Char Race and Class: Human mage
Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well): Tailoring 375; Mining 375; Cooking 371; Fishing 253; FA 375; Riding 225;
Armory Link:
WoW history and Experience: I have WoW for 5 months ( I played warcraft III and I loved it). Raid exp: ZG and 1st boss in Kara. Heroic dungeons: 40% fully cleared.
Char role in raids: food/water/intellect/polymorph/nuke/nuke/nuke/decurse/re-sheep/nuke/nuke
What can you offer Alpha: team player and good mage
What do you expect from Alpha: To be friendly like Revenge (ex-Cobras) and to go with me in Kara at least once in next few weeks =)
Are you willing to respec for guild: Only to arcane or fire or mix of that 2
Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: As long as I have money to pay repair bill, yes. I dont like to leave unfinished instance.
Karazhan Attunement: I have the power to enter!!! and to wipe inside
Other Info: I play WoW 5-10hours per day (will try to limit to 5); I have all heroic keys; I played often with Wandaa and Deltalord lately, but I also played with lots of other Alpha members;
P.S. armory needs to update, I have 3-4 different items....
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Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED*   Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED* Icon_minitimeSat Sep 01 2007, 17:06

welcome we will look over app asp
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Application: Magictouch (arcane/fire mage) *ACCEPTED*
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