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 70 Mage application *ACCEPTED*

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70 Mage application *ACCEPTED* Empty
PostSubject: 70 Mage application *ACCEPTED*   70 Mage application *ACCEPTED* Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30 2007, 23:34

Real life info
Name: Tom O'Brien
Age: 21
Location: London, UK
Internet Connection: 1Mb
How are you as person: Pretty agreeable guy, and fairly quiet too. Much prefer talking over typing Smile I'm currently on my Summer break after my second year at uni, studying Mathematics and during the holidays I work as a billings writer for the BBC (it's not as exciting as it might sound)

Game Info
Char name: Xedd
Char level: 70
Char Race and Class: Human Mage
Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well): Tailoring 375, Enchanting 315. First Aid is maxed out but cooking and fishing too low to worth mentioning

Armory Link: (it may still say I'm in Cori - I joined them briefly after I left Heretic but I realised I did this in haste, and what I really want is an endgame guild)

WoW history and Experience: Started playing this year in January, not long after Nagrand was born. I've got a lot of MMO experience under my belt (mostly in EQ and EQ2) so I was able to get into this game quite quickly. Messed around with a few specs but have decided I much prefer Arcane over any other. I don't like to sound too arrogant but I am very proud of myself as a Mage and like to think I know what I'm doing.
I've spent most of my time in Heretic, but I'm sure a lot you know it's undergone a lot of changes recently. Like Vara, I felt a lot of my good friends had left and it didn't have the same atmosphere it once had, so I've decided to pick up and move on. Like I mentioned in my armory link, I joined Cori briefly, but while they were lovely people, they seemed more like a group of good friends and not an endgame guild, which is really what I'm after.

Char role in raids: Mostly DPS, and of course food and drink. Kiting from time to time as well and other specialised roles such as mage tanking in the Maulgar encounter.

What can you offer Alpha: A healthy amount of DPS, and some delicious food and water. Not to mention my amazing personality (/sarcasm).
What do you expect from Alpha: An active guild, looking to push things forward

Are you willing to respec for guild: I'm not going to outright say yes; I love my Arcane build but if absolutely required to I will change it around a bit. I promise you it works extremely well.

Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: Of course

Karazhan Attunement: Absolutely

Other Info: All Heroic Keys, plus keys to Arca and SH. Also have the Battlecast set learned.
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70 Mage application *ACCEPTED*
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