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PostSubject: vara -hunter   vara -hunter Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30 2007, 20:48

Real life info
Name: tomer small
Age: 22
Location: israel
Internet Connection: 1.5 Mbit
How are you as person: hmm, i think im a fun person, like to have fun, talking and meeting new ppl,dont know what else to say...

Game Info
Char name: vara
Char level:70
Char Race and Class: night elf hunter
Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well):

Armory Link:

WoW history and Experience: hmm been in blades of light when i was lvling,since the guild wasnt serius i moved to heretic, had fun there for a time, but alot of my friends left the guild, and its not the same now..
im looking to know new ppl and friends in a new guild now...
Char role in raids: dps and trapping(though rarely needed ever in raids as far asi know)
What can you offer Alpha: well, most of all i think im a friendly preson to have in the guild, im online alot of time so, im available alot, also i belive in item sharing with friends and guidies, dont mind helping when someone needs me...
What do you expect from Alpha: mostly to have fun - meet good ppl and good players, have some heroics and raiding fun, and anything else that is fun in wow
Are you willing to respec for guild: ofc, thoughi dont think i'll need, but if u think i do, i'll definately respec for guild
Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: ofc, wiping is part of learning, np wiping( though not wiping is the final goal Wink )
Karazhan Attunement: attuned
Other Info: well, if u wanna know moew about me u can ask octavius and valorion from ur guild, i heard only good things abuot alpha and cant w8 to join and have some fun.
hope ull take me Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: vara -hunter   vara -hunter Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30 2007, 20:53

for some reason i cant link to armory...
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PostSubject: Re: vara -hunter   vara -hunter Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30 2007, 23:11

welcome to teh bords
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PostSubject: Re: vara -hunter   vara -hunter Icon_minitime

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vara -hunter
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