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PostSubject: Hunter - Darkz   Hunter - Darkz Icon_minitimeSat Aug 25 2007, 15:33

RL Info
Name: Nikolai
Age: 18
Location: Latvia
Internet Connection: fast i-net. latency very rarely over 110
How are you as person: A friendly guy, with a sense of humor.

Game Info
Char name: Darkz
Char level: 70
Char Race: Draenei Hunter
Char Professions and levels (goes for sec professions as well): Goblin engineering 357 / mining 375
Armory Link:
Past in WoW: around a year on private servers, over half a year on Nagrand.
Char /played: Main char. played for half a year with him
Char role in raids: DPS
What can you offer Alpha: My lvl 70 Hunter char =)
What do you expect from Alpha: experienced, friendly, MATURE players.
Are you willing to respec for guild: sure, anytime
Are you willing to wipe over and over for guild progress: ofc
Karazhan Attunement: attuned
Other Info: Usually ima pretty lazy player, but when it comes to raiding/dungeonse/heroics, i'm shaking with excitement =)

P.S. i'll be a bit inactive till around the 5th of september, but after that, i'm available every day in the evening.
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Hunter - Darkz
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